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Unique Solutions to Unsolved Problems
Who Are We?

Who Are We?Thinkers, Creators, Innovators

The Nombiss team is an amalgamation of 3 minds. Jay, Rahul & Andy. We come from various professional backgrounds, but have one common focus; Refusing to settle for poor solutions to everyday problems with our mobile technology

Our Mission

Our Mission.Providing Real Solutions to Real Problems

The IntelliTouch+ is the first of many idea's we've had. Our hope is that you're as impressed with our solution to the lack of a back button on the iPhone, as we are. What some may call an intentional design by Apple, we see a need for a solution.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?We Are Customers Centric

All our idea's and inventions are pointless if we don't keep our supporters happy. We want to hear about the problems you face and tackle them. We strive to create products and items that are not only loved, but reliable and useful.

Thank You for Your Support!

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