Give your iPhone the back button

The Back Button for the iPhone is Here!

The world's first intelligent screen protector.
Simplifying iPhone navigation. Making life easier.
Animation of how Intelli+ works.
Poster of integrated circuits
Integrated Circuits

Dual Button Technology

Intelli+ features dual touch senstive buttons, embedded on either side of the home button.

Tapping either button saves you from having to reach for the top of your iPhone. A simple tap lets you easily navigate back, answer a message, access your dm's and do so much more.

Effortless Use
Effortless Use

How We Can Help

Apple has done their best to provide a innovative and cutting edge design to the iPhone. But current navigation solutions are lacking. One handed use is akward at best.

Even the current double tap feature is difficult to use and places the buttons out of reach. Our goal, with Intelli+, is to give everyone a better option for navigation.

Double tap is still an incomplete solution to iphone navigation
 Consistently Reliable
Consistently Reliable

Intelli+ Explained

Intelli+ contains two built in circuits which carry your touch to the top of your iPhone screen.

Tapping either left or right Intelli+ button allows you to conveniently access the corresponding navigation icon without ever reaching for the top of your iPhone.



Whether you're the next social media mogul or just a business oriented individual trying to be more productive, the Intelli+ will work with any app.
Compatible Apps Icons: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, iMessage, Whatsapp, Reddit & many more.
Extreme Comfort
Extreme Comfort

Intelli+ iPhone Sizes

Intelli+ is the first dual action key screen protector for the iPhone 8.

It was primarily designed with the iPhone 8 in mind. However the Intelli+ has been adapted for the iPhone 6, 6s & 7 line up to work flawlessly.
Available for iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, 7+, 8 & 8+

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